Sunday, February 03, 2008

[GM]Dave Vs. Humanity

Okay... I don't mind some constructive criticism, but there's somethings you just don't say.

I have feelings too, you know.

Some of the things you guys say about me really hurt.

For instance, a commenter actually wrote "Funny that [GM] Dave is defending humanity for once instead of condemning it."

Why would you say something like that?

Do you know how that makes me feel?

How DARE you accuse me of defending humanity?

Call me names. Make fun of my writing. Whatever.

That shit doesn't phase me.

But DEFENDING humanity?

Just the idea makes me sick.

The point of that post was not to defend humanity, but to once again point out our general failure as a species.

We keep making time for people and their insane nonsense.

Hey, do you have a internet access and a low IQ? We totally want to know your opinion.

Did you hear about Britney?

What about those violent video games?

I would actually start defending humanity if the majority of them didn't keep giving attention and time to these crackheads.

Now, you make think I'll defend the general gaming community.

Again, you would be mistaken.

For every retard selling gil, there's 10 morons buying it.

For every person buying a smart, innovative game, we have 8 bajillion buying Shovelware Shooter 2.

Do you honestly think I'd defend that?

Do you think I could?

Don't get me wrong. The REAL gaming community I would defend.

But playing games doesn't make you a gamer and your Xbox Live account does not make you part of the community.

The people who know that Atari was more than a band.

And that Space Invaders is not a new show on TLC.

Those are my people.

Them I would defend.

But from them to humanity is a big damned jump.

I know not everyone playing online is a 12 year old screaming swear words at you.

There are a lot of good people out there.

Those good people are the community, not the 12 year olds.

And our community is not humanity.


Humanity spends way too much time making sure everyone's opinion is heard instead of making sure their opinion is worth hearing.

So, feel free to criticize me.

But please don't accuse me of defending humanity.

Even I have my limits.


At 5:00 PM, Blogger Shinkada said...

For shame on whoever said that!

Yeah, I'm not THAT much of a retro gamer. I'm only 18, and I live in Australia, and the Space Invaders/SF2 arcade phases went RIGHT over this country's head. So sadly I missed them. I did have a NES when I was 2 though, so I think I'm pretty qualified.

That and Bioshock so should've won Game of the Year. Or at least Assassin's Creed or Mass Effect.

At 5:01 PM, Blogger sundastofpandy said...

So true man, the majority of people, including many people who play video games, are a bunch of jackasses. The community and the world as a whole would be much better if people thought about there opinions instead of making sure they're heard.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Naloth said...

I'm only 17, but my first video game was Space Invaders on the Atari. Those were the days, every game was innovative, because there was nothing to copy! Nowadays your hard pressed to find a game that's not "the next Halo" or something like that.

Too bad the industry looks to the morons for their ques. They need to start looking at the real gamers, the ones that have a higher IQ than age.

At 7:39 PM, Blogger BSinBs said...

No, just cause your mommy bought you an NES when u were 2 and you didn't figure out how to turn it on till u were 7 does not qualify you. Just stop. Your done.

GM DAVE, thank you for attempting to put the stupid people back in their place. whether that be the closet, or a shallow hole more commenly refered to as a grave.

At 8:21 PM, Blogger Grenade71822 said...

Im 18 and my first game was Tetris on the gray brick game boy. Then came super Mario all starts on the SNES. Humanity is hopeless. The best you can do is hope that they all die of stupidity.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Sousuke said...

I am honored to be included in [GM]Dave's definition of the gaming community. I am also honored to play Final Fantasy XI along a fellow gamer such as him.

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Xatticus said...

Haha, good references too Atari and Space Invaders.

Should have also said "Know that Genesis is more than just a book of the bible" (Sega Genesis).

Too many idiots who just play Madden/Guitar Hero/Rock Band/Halo who think they're gamers. And talk shit on Xbox Live.

Pretty much, you fall into [GM]Dave's idea of a gamer if.

You know IIDX and Guitar Freaks will always be better than Guitar Hero.

You bought a Sega Saturn.

Know that the Dreamcast was WAY better than the Playstation 2

Play a real MMO, like FFXI, and skip the pussy shit known as World of Warcraft.

Know that Bioshock is indefinitely better than Halo

G4 is in no way a TV station for gamers.

Know that games like Katamari Damacy are awesome, instead of "gay" (by the Xbox Live gamer term) and skip over it.

Know matter how much you kick ass at Soul Calibur and Tekken. All that matters is your skill level in Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter 2

Know that in the end, Japan will be the only country that can produce true video games.

At 11:27 PM, Blogger Hector said...

[GM]Dave great entry =D.

Still remember when you paused games with "pause" button and it was in
the console instead of the controller.

At 4:54 AM, Blogger GrĂ­mur said...

Well, i do not consider myself a "real" gamer, mainly because i never got the chance. Just got the oppritunity to buy my first console last year and sadly i bought the crappier one(ps3).

And by the way, Assassins Creed does NOT deserve GOTY, Bioshock does not either. Assassins Creed is way to repeatetive and Bioshock just isn't fun, it's cool and all that, just not fun.

OH, and Halo sucks.

At 5:06 AM, Blogger Tommy said...

To Sousuke...

No you do not qualify. When you use a nickname from a anime, you fail at life. As Daven would put it.

At 11:40 AM, Blogger Sousuke said...

lol My apologies; most of my usual names were taken, so I settled on this one. Personally, I like it, and my friends like it, so that's all that really matters in my mind.

If memory serves, [GM]Dave stated that, "The people who know that Atari was more than a band. And that Space Invaders is not a new show on TLC. Those are my people. Them I would defend." I seem to fit that criteria; I grew up with an Atari and with Space Invaders. Now, if [GM]Dave says himself that I do not fit the criteria, then I don't.

Of course, I mean no offense, but I felt it necessary to defend myself.

At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BSinBs. Sorry but YOU'RE done. The unjustified and pointless mocking of naloth just shows that you need to shut the hell up.

And age isn't what makes a damned gamer, sod on all of you who think it does. A frigging passion and a good attitude makes you a gamer.

By the way i believe it is YOU not U.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Kyle said...

"Humanity spends way too much time making sure everyone's opinion is heard instead of making sure their opinion is worth hearing."
Yeah, I'm goping to use that.
I love you.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Erubadhriel said...

Defending humanity? Reading your entries causes me to lose my faith in humanity. You would've thought it would be completely gone by now, what with all the fangirls I have to deal with on the forum I moderate on. But after reading about the knobjockeys you have to deal with, I find that one last little bit of faith left and watch it slowly die. At least you get paid to deal with those dipshits, and you got a dragon to feed morons to. I wish I had a dragon. All I got is my trusty BanHammer(TM). I hate stupid people.

At 11:58 PM, Blogger Ataka said...

Ha ha! Isn't it funny how the idiots found this awesome blog and decided to post some bs comments on it!?

My favourite 12-yr-old logic is:

"No, I won't stfu. I've paid my fees, I can say w/e I like."

I think I'll adopt it - from tomorrow, since I've paid my taxes, I'll go around smacking every idiot I meet round the mouth. XD

At 3:22 AM, Blogger Dagda said...

Make my Atari ST work again and I'll throw every damn NES/SNES emulator I have into the trash bin right away!

AS for the gamming community, there's all kind of people, and the fact that that you get 12yr old kids playing at least lets us know not every parent has been brainwashed to think that, Lucifer entered the 21st century in the form of a videogame, to screw your kid's eyeballs when he's gazing at the monitor/TV.

There will always be idiots, at least according to Penny Arcade's very plausible universal law of the (online gamming)world: Normal Person+Anonymity+Audience=Total Fuckad

At 3:13 PM, Blogger TheFinalRush said...

Dreamcast better then the PS2?

I'm going to ignore that THAT statement was ever, EVER made.

You'll probably try to tell people the NGage was better then the N64 next.

Seriously, its not the consoles you own, its not the games you've played.

It's the passion. The willingness to embrace a game and enjoy it, and to enjoy it with friends or the rest of the gaming community. The ability to not ruin it for other gamers because you just have to sing your favorite rap song til a camping sniper shoots you in the face and you cuss out the screen.

Being a gamer means NOT cheating to win the game, or even to get ahead. Being a gamer means you play the game to PLAY THE GAME, not so you can brag that you have the super elite armor that actually does nothing for you, or that your high score is the most leet.

Being a gamer means you can pick up a game, communicate with people as though they are people, and enjoy the game. Don't bitch at them because of their tactics, and don't use cheats or glitches just because you're not good enough to play on a level playing field.


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