Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Now, That's Refreshing

I realize mana is very important to mage jobs. You need mana in order to cast spells.

You're mages. It's your job to cast spells.

Thus, mana is a big thing.

I totally get that. I mean, without mana, you guys are basically paperweights.

And you sometimes need help keeping your mana up.

Every post-41 Red Mage reading this knows exactly where I'm going.

Refresh is a great spell. It really is. It allows you to recover those mana points that you so desperately love and need.

Sounds great, huh?

Unfortunately, this spell has a hidden latent effect. That latent effect is that the spell refresh can cause many mages and magic users to become absolutely retarded.

It's true. It's like as soon as your party picks up a Red Mage, these people lose their freakin' minds. If they do not constantly have a Refresh effect acting on them, they start to freak out.

Imagine you're a Red Mage. During every battle it is your job enfeeble the enemy, dispel any buffs the enemy may have, watch for your enfeebles to wear off, usually main heal or back up heal, and cast refresh on anyone or anything that has mana.

And melee if you happen to be retarded yourself.

That sounds pretty busy, doesn't it? I mean, that's a lot of shit to do during a two minute battle.

So, maybe it's understandable that the Red Mage may need a second to get your refresh effect back up.

I know, I know. A whole second.

Do you know what would be helpful? Do you know how you can help your Red Mage?

Let him know when your refresh wears off. Better than that, you should start demanding refresh the very moment it wears off.

Maybe you could make a macro.

Oh, and use a lot of calls in your macros. Those never get annoying.

Then, in between battles, you can explain how refresh works and how he should cast it on you more often.

I mean he's been playing Red Mage for a long time and your Red Mage is level retarded, but I'm sure you know better than him. You've partied with a Red Mage before which means you're an expert on the subject.

Maybe you could get a job working at Brady.

I'm sure your new Red Mage friend will appreciate you helping him do his job.

Now, if any of that made sense to you or sounded even plausible, I want you to uninstall FFXI, turn off your computer, and then eat your modem.

You have no business interacting with other human beings.

A Red Mage will refresh you if he has time. He's a busy guy.

And do you know what you do?

You shut the hell up.

This comes to mind because recently I was leveling a mage job. But not my Red Mage.

Oh, no. I was leveling my Black Mage.

Susan was leveling her Red Mage.

We formed a party in Jeuno, set out for our camp, and went to work.

Immediately, I spotted a problem. It seems the Dark Knight we picked up was getting a little "critical" of Susan's refresh cycle.

DarkKnight>> Can I get refresh?
DarkKnight>> Hello? Refresh, please.
DarkKnight>> (( Refresh )) (( Do you have it? ))

I mean she was putting the White Mage, the Black Mage, and the Paladin ahead of the Dark Knight. And sometimes, she'd cast dispel on the mob while the Dark Knight was sitting there not getting free mana.

Can you imagine?

What in the hell was she thinking?

Of course the Dark Knight's spells are more important than... Oh, I don't know... The White Mage curing.

I mean, c'mon.

Still, I am not one to abuse my GM powers, so I relaxed and didn't make a big issue out of it.

That sounds just like me, doesn't it?


[GM]Dave>> Hail, Adventurer.
[GM]Dave>> I'm your new teacher, [GM]Dave.
DarkKnight>> What the...
DarkKnight>> Where am I?
[GM]Dave>> Welcome to [GM]Dave's School of Refresh Etiquette.
DarkKnight>> Why am I here?
[GM]Dave>> You're here to learn the three Rs.
[GM]Dave>> Red Mage.
[GM]Dave>> Refresh.
[GM]Dave>> And retarded.
DarkKnight>> What does that have to do with me?
[GM]Dave>> Well, are you a Red Mage?
DarkKnight>> No.
[GM]Dave>> Do you have Refresh?
DarkKnight>> No.
[GM]Dave>> Then guess which one applies to you.
DarkKnight>> Are you calling me retarded?
[GM]Dave>> Of course not, sir.
[GM]Dave>> Technically, I'm implying it.
DarkKnight>> You're not allowed to call me retarded.
[GM]Dave>> I didn't call you retarded.
[GM]Dave>> I implied it.
[GM]Dave>> What are you, retarded?
DarkKnight>> There! Right there!
DarkKnight>> You called me retarded again.
[GM]Dave>> Actually, I asked a question.
[GM]Dave>> That's more suggesting it as a possibility.
[GM]Dave>> I still didn't call you retarded.
[GM]Dave>> I would never call someone retarded.
DarkKnight>> I... Oh, nevermind.
DarkKnight>> Can we just get on with it?
[GM]Dave>> No problem.
[GM]Dave>> Today's lesson is about respecting your Red Mage.
DarkKnight>> Did that Red Mage report me or something?
DarkKnight>> What a bitch.




I knew I hadn't just read that.

DarkKnight>> She sucked.
DarkKnight>> Her and that Black Mage.



Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong, now.

[GM]Dave>> For the purpose of today's lesson...
[GM]Dave>> I have made you a level 41 Red Mage.
[GM]Dave>> And I've given you the spell Refresh.
DarkKnight>> Sweet.
DarkKnight>> What do I do?
[GM]Dave>> Your job is to keep us refreshed.
DarkKnight>> That shouldn't be too hard.
DarkKnight>> So, I just keep the two of us refreshed.
DarkKnight>> Easy.
[GM]Dave>> Wait...
[GM]Dave>> Who said two?
DarkKnight>> You said "us".
[GM]Dave>> Oh, silly, silly me.
[GM]Dave>> I apologize for the misunderstanding.

That's when I spawned an army of NPCs all dressed in GM gear.

All named [GM]Dave.

[GM]Dave>> I meant us.
DarkKnight>> Oh crap.
DarkKnight>> What if I fail?
[GM]Dave>> You'll be given a slight financial penalty.
DarkKnight>> ... That's no so bad.
[GM]Dave>> Followed by a perma-ban.
DarkKnight>> WHAT?!
[GM]Dave>> There may also be a dragon involved.
[GM]Dave>> Let's just play it by ear.
DarkKnight>> This is ridiculous.
[GM]Dave>> No, this is education.
[GM]Dave>> Learning is fundamental, you know.
DarkKnight>> This is impossible.
[GM]Dave>> No, no.
[GM]Dave>> It's not improbable.
DarkKnight>> I said impossible.
[GM]Dave>> Oh...
[GM]Dave>> Yeah, pretty much.
[GM]Dave>> Good luck though.
DarkKnight>> Gee, thanks.
[GM]Dave>> There's just one more thing.
DarkKnight>> What's that?

Do you have any idea how annoying it would be to get a hundred tells every second asking for refresh?

Can you imagine how long it would take to drive you insane?

By my watch, about four and a half seconds.

It was almost sad to see Jormy eat him.

Except replace "almost" with "incredibly".

And "sad" with "funny".

[GM]Dave>> By the way...
[GM]Dave>> You're retarded.

Please, people. Respect your Red Mage.


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Dantaro said...

Its true, its oh so very true.

At 8:23 AM, Blogger Belsire said...

Ya know, I only have Red Mage leveled to 13, and that's not just because I'm asked as I enter the accursed dunes to main heal, but also because I've heard from higher level Red Mages just how stressful it can be to manage buffs and debuffs battle after battle.

Throw your Red Mage a bone. Bring some Yagudo Drinks or for heavens sake, rest every once in a while - it's not that hard.

Here - have a Ginger Cookie.

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Jollymike said...

Thats why I like corsair, Refresh the whole mage group with one ability.
Of course it can end up badly if the leader misses it, and would rather kick you than wait 5 minutes for it to be used again...

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Shayde said...

Yes, please respect your Red Mage.

Please, also respect your White Mage. Your WHM's primary job is to keep the party healthy -- casting buffs to increase defense, removing adverse status effects so you stay as healthy as possible, and restoring HP when you have taken damage. We pretty much know that keeping the Ninja hasted will help him/her keep shadows up (i.e. help to be an effective tank). If the party is having an easy time & we're not using tons of mana to keep everyone healthy, we will haste others if they ask politely.

That said, don't assume that you "need" haste just because you're a melee fighter. If I'm getting low on MP & it comes down to choosing to heal the tank or casting haste on the DRK/THF/WAR/MNK/etc..., I'm gonna heal the tank. Get over it.

Oh -- and if you yell at me & curse me & insult me, you ain't gonna get haste. Ever. I may even cast haste on the BLM just to tick you off. I'm vindictive like that. =)

At 10:09 AM, Blogger legolias said...

You know Dave, it's the Red Mages that you remember by name when you're leveling a job 41+ that have the enfeebles/dispels/and refreshes down to a T.

Sure, be nice to the okay red mages, maybe even be respectful, but when you get that awesome RDM that seems to do everything just right, it takes a lot away from the other decent red mages because it shows you that it IS possible to be that great red mage... Do you get what I'm saying?

All I'm saying is that if one RDM can do it with no problem, then the others should be able to too.

At 10:25 AM, Blogger Exc said...

Sorry [GM]Dave, I can't entirely agree with this post. No of course DRK shouldn't get refresh over anyone else, but a good RDM should be able to keep a party of whm-blm-themselves refreshed without it wearing.

At 11:06 AM, Blogger Zarquon said...

I've always hated people who think they know someone else's job better than they do. I'm not talking about people who actually HAVE your job at 75 and really DO know better. If their advice is sound, I'll follow it and thank them. But I'm talking about, say, a 75WAR who thinks he knows THF better "because he's partied with them and seen them work". Nothing will piss a player off quicker than some idiot in the party telling them what they think the player is doing wrong. Every other second.

Example: I was at the top of Boyhada Tree with a party, and our leader had a couple of 75 jobs, DRK and BRD I believe he said. After a few fights, he started telling EVERYONE in the party what they were doing wrong, what he thinks they SHOULD be doing, etc. After a few minutes of his stupidity, we all got righteously pissed at him, kicked him from the party, and escaped, leaving him at the very top of the Tree with no way to warp himself out and only a hundred thousand aggroing monsters for company. Needless to say, it doesn't pay to be a know-it-all dickhead. Especially when you have no way to warp out.

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Midnitelouie said...

exc, that's about as retarted a post as I've seen in awhile.

If what you're postulating is true? Then I don't want to see any comments from you about how the RDM didn't debuff the crab when he puts up metallic body.

They're more than just an Eveready battery, folks. And they've got alot to do. :P

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Midnitelouie said...

And why is it that the DRKs always seem to be the one that whines the most? I've never understood that...

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Jusabaut said...

<----52rdm - So true and that's when blist comes in handy!

At 11:37 AM, Blogger dreamshade said...

As a priest who has often put up with people whining in the middle of a battle to get a PW: Fortitude restored... thank you.

At 11:38 AM, Blogger Turkeysurgeon said...

As a LV60 RDM I have had many parties where I was main healer/enfeebler/buffer/debuffer/refresher
and it throughly pisses me off when everyone is crying about haste and dispel and refresh when I am esentially doing everything but killing the mob myself. Thats when I become rude and piss everyone off, what are they gonna do? Kick me out? Good! They were driveing me insane anyway. Try finding another RDM that would even attempt to go into Cape Terrigan with 1 pld/war 2 war/nin 1 mnk/war and a blm/rdm.

When I am expected to cast haste on ppl who use 2 weapons with low delay anyway I tell them to go fuck themselves such as thf/nin or mnk/war or even war/nin. Not to say I don't do my job but if I'm am the only mage in the group that can cast haste you go to hell with your attack speed. I have many other things to worry about. The tank gets it thats it.

Refresh, don't get me started. DRK is lucky to get a pt let alone refresh cast on them. I would gladly take a drg or sam over a dark every day of the week. You have aspir go to hell. You come last in mine and every other RDMs refresh order. That should tell you something. GO AWAY!

I might cast it on a dark if I have some down time inbetween fights and they are almost completly out of mp. Thats about it though. In any case, I don't know why I don't start makeing my PT set up like this. 2 RDM/WHM 2 NIN/WAR 2 WAR/NIN.

I advise every RDM I know to join pts with other rdms in them cause the more rdms in 1 pt the less there are for other pts so maybe when they do get one they will respect him/her otherwise get a bard, it don't cost him 40 mp everytime he cast refresh or haste, and by the way COR. Its a cheap crossbread of brd and a RNG wannabe. Gotta admit though, the hat looks cool.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger ColdhartedRagnarok said...

If they type please thats more then what i get.

Refresh plzzzzzzzzz...


At 12:19 PM, Blogger Calsetes said...

There's only one thing more annoying than a drk asking for refresh, and that's a red mage who has a sub of monk level 1 equipped. And then says that they have no problems getting into parties and that most parties like red mages with melee subjobs.

And then they were booted from the party as soon as the puller "accidentally" got some aggro while typing they should stop complaining and I had to hit escape and run.

At 12:30 PM, Blogger Reeree said...

What's more annoying than a Paladin with full MP sending you a private tell asking for Refresh during downtime between fights?

Him doing so again after you have told the party that if the gimp-ass retard says the word Refresh again, you'll warp.

Perhaps he doesn't understand English. Does he understand /blist?

It's sad when you have to blacklist your party members, but totally worth it.

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Zenomorph said...

One perticular Dark Knight's logic:

In /party:
DRK>> Refresh plz
Me>> You have full MP, you're not using your spells enough
DRK>> I cast if you give refresh
Me>> Shut up.
DRK>> Refresh plz
DRK>> Refresh plz
DRK>> Refresh plz
DRK>> Refresh plz
DRK>> Refresh plz
DRK>> Refresh plz
DRK>> Refresh plz
DRK>> Refresh plz
DRK>> Refresh plz
DRK>> Refresh plz
Me>> ...
DRK>> She does not give refresh!
Party>> ...

At 1:00 PM, Blogger PulseX3D said...


KalOnline NEEDS you. Despite KalOnline's crappy korean GMs, you really need to play that game and own people there. In this game, haste is called 'Speed-Up', and whenever someone has grade 46 (the blue clothes) clothes hair decoration (helmet equivalent), outside a town called Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle, there's a ramp which is nicknamed 'Speedup Ramp', hundreds, I mean HUNDREDS, of kids abusing the macro system and continually spamming:

"Sp33d!!!! M3 N1c3 M4g3!!!!!!!!!!!!"

or rude as:
"Speed me"

You should go in this game and PM people and own them. =D

Also, those who have g46 mage hair decoration, are usually level 39, the level you get the highest speedup level. (g3)

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Seranos said...

My main is RDM, so I TOTALLY feel ya... But you did forget about the WHM that has 75-90% MP at the end of every battle and refuses to help you Haste.

I guess you're a crappy RDM when you can't Refresh x4 and Haste x3 without having a couple seconds without it. OMGWTFNOOBLET!

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Natch said...

Wow, I can't believe I caught this.

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Juiano said...

As always a very enjoyable post. Nicely done, I would comment on the whole RDM Refresh discussion however being a retired 62 RDM and now a Main 70 DRK I prefer not to.

Keep up the good work [GM]Dave.

At 3:54 PM, Blogger Guankim said...

Thank you. That was officially the post that has amused me the most xD RDM 70 main ftw! Thankfully, only 5 more levels of partying for me there, though this skillup thing is leveling me along nicely... hmmmm.

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At 5:08 PM, Blogger Eirwen said...

People should keep their mouths shut if they want to give advice on how to use a certain job.

Unless they already brought that job up to level 75... you know, scrap that.

I had a WAR (or THF) this one time in Crawler's Nest who kept whining and telling me how to perform a magic Burst after a Skillchain. As if I never performed one for the past 30+ levels. He was the one closing the SC.

Somehow, even without his 'tips', I couldn't perform the Skillchain right at times, since the Secret Room, when standing in the green orbing light, makes my computer lag.


Pulsex3d - KalOnline? I haven't been on that game for over a year now. Did they release new areas in the meantime?

At 5:58 PM, Blogger Niclamus said...

Oh my god this post was perfect. As my main is RDM I know and hear this exact thing way too damn often.

I normally just say "sure here you go" start to cast on them and move. DRK are too dumb typically to notice it isnt there for a few minutes... seeing as they usually have full MP anyway.

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Askinstoo said...

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At 6:13 PM, Blogger Myloko said...

I'm currently lvling my rdm and I already fear the time when and if it'll hit 41 (/.\) And btw, K Mart has a dancing, foot-tall skeleton that sings "The Land Down Under"... Humanity is doomed.

At 6:16 PM, Blogger [GM]Dave said...

Okay, is it ironic that I have posting bots in my blog?

That seems ironic.

At 6:41 PM, Blogger Shutat said...

In this, I feel I must agree with [GM]Dave. No, I do not play as Rdm. To be honest, I've only taken Rdm to Lv.10. However, given that I only assemble parties on my own now, I should point out that I will always choose a Rdm/Whm as the 'big guns' mage-wise.

And why shouldn't I? I mean seriously, they rule. These guys will always recieve the utmost respect out of me. They are capable of doing so many tings for a party in and out of battle. Now why people would be so retarded, as to harp and nag a Rdm for something as simple as Refresh on a constant basis is beyond me.

This is truly something I cannot comprehend. If you are using a Job Class that utilizes Mana, should you not already be prepared to play your part, without the 'gift' of the Rdm's Refresh spell? I, like most people, would say yes.

Seriously, people. Take a step back, and actually think for a moment. If you are using your character in a party, it is your responsibility to have it prepared to handle your own drop in mana, if applicable. Noticing a Rdm in the party is no excuse for not preparing yourself adequately. Also, it is not really the Rdm's solemn duty to constantly keep everyone 'Refreshed'. They have TONS of other crap to do. Beefups, debuffs, managing their own mana, and keeping themselves from recieving hate, when that happens.

Rdm's and Whm's have very tiring roles, at times. Be sure to show the correct level of respect for your mages. Not only will they appreciate you for it, but they will be far more inclined to save your carcass when things get nasty.

Case in point. Respect your mages. Cut them a little slack. Don't just harp on them. You may find too late that they have left you in the worst spot imaginable, because of your retarded-ness.

Then again, don't just take my word for it. Make a pt, start griping at your Rdm, and watch him/her leave you high-and-dry when you get that 3-way link.


At 7:18 PM, Blogger Jazzy said...

HUZZAH! 75 Rdm here. Anyone who has Partied with me on Bahamut server can Testify to the fact that I do a pretty good job.

Most of the time I manage to keep everyone refreshed (up to 5 people) debuff, enfeeble, and even Magic burst every now and then. OH!!!

And Dave, Rdm's need to skill up too! I melee all the time. Not to do damage, I melee with my full "Party" Gear. And basically, I just let my character Swing the sword while I do all that I mentioned above.

And, any of you Rdm's that have a problem with people asking for refresh all the time.. try my approach... Stop refreshing them. :D!!!!

I dont let people tell me what to do "Um, can I get a refresh?" Shut the hell up and wait your turn.


At 7:26 PM, Blogger Avrial said...

If only retarded people could read...

This is like the third time I've seen you have a Blog entry on Refreshing 101, [GM]Dave. Looks and sounds like the morons who are constantly guilty of this crap aren't reading.

As a lvl 24 BLM, I have yet to see a RDM that has had to constantly Refresh, and I hope that when/if I decide to lvl RDM that I don't have to deal with this crap.

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Zarquon said...

It IS pretty funny that the adbots have descended upon your blog. If only the banstick worked in here, huh?

At 8:01 PM, Blogger Idalia said...

Posting... bots?

Yes, a wee bit ironic.

Poor poor Dave. Can't seem to please the public. You give 'em what they want, and they still bitch about you.

I'm sure those who keep telling you you're blog is getting stale can do so much better, huh.. huh?!

Yeah, didn't think so.

Keep writing Dave. No one's got what you do.

At 8:39 PM, Blogger Dyamalos said...

I must reply to this

I am a 69 RDM on Odin, and I've been tolled I'm one of the better RDMs out there. I'm not anal apparently.

See. I have a refresh cycle:


now, While the drk is at the end of the cycle, he still gets refresh, however, there are some bad dark nights... I have two high level DRK as friends and they use the absorb spells frequently. as such they need refresh... but if all you do is stun or poison to pull, you don't need it every cycle, it wastes MP

Refresh restores 120MP, cost 40... the thing is, after I cast refresh on the third member of my group, I start to tap into my buff/enfeeble/dispel pool. so I have to manage that MP wisely, you can waste your MP, but if you start wasting mine, we have a problem.

Also, a BRD using Balled is more reliable than a COR using the refresh roll

sereously, team me up with a BRD in aht uragan and I get like 7MP a tick back, everyone gets refresh then :D

The only spell I ask to be reminded of is Haste. I keep haste cycles as well. with a BRD, I can haste myself too for little cost, and my refresh and the rest of the haste cycle go faster due to the recast timers gone down.

At 8:56 PM, Blogger Dyamalos said...

After reading some more posts, I have this to say:

The reason DRKs notice this more than anyone else is because they have been "shunned" by the player base...

I've seem some kick ass DRK (my friends) and some retarded ones ( a guy only casting poison, just to pull)

Aspir is nice, true, but if you act that way, the the BLM doesn't get refresh because of the same reason.

And what if your fighting something without MP? what are they going to aspir off of?

Also, now that DRK gets TP-Absorb, which would allow them to REMOVE the mobs TP while adding to their own.

monster readies "Insane rape the NIN in one hit attack"
Dark Knight>> I don't think
Dark Knight casts Absorb-TP
Dark Knight readies Guillotine.
monster dies.

While you piss and moan about not wanting to refresh, this can happen:

Monster readies "Anal rape".
Dark Knight>> Out of MP = no stun/absorb-TP
Ninja was just forked up the ass and is now ling face down in what can only be feces and blood.

(Insert sounds of party members dying)

The reason Dark Knights moan about refresh, is that they have grown so use to doing so. the good ones at least.

Seriously, there are few jobs that can out damage a Dark Knight for stackable melee damage. WAR/NIN maybe, but that's about it.

Also, My Dark Knight is only 13. I am a 69RDM, you can look me up if you have to.

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Hawklord2112 said...

which is why im glad im using RDM as sub. no refresh ^^

on the other hand it means i cant self-refresh and as blue mage i tend to spam through my MP rather quickly.

hence me liking parties with bards and corsairs. cos i dont have to bug the RDM.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger RDMFire said...

All right! Now this is a Great Post.
Just what I was looking for. Good job.

I am a 75RDM myself. Been for 2.3 years now. Know the job inside and out.

Love: RDM who enfeeble and refresh.

Hate: RDM who get refresh and forget what enfeeble stands for.

Love: DRK using spells on mobs in a good timed manner, especially ones what use Aspir on the right mobs.

Hate: DRK that use more spells and nukes than swinging weapon.

Love: Keeping everyone refreshed all the time and mobs enfeebled and melee hasted.

Hate: The low amount of MP I had at lower levels to do so until about 60.

Love: Getting in a heated debate about how to do my job as a RDM properly when I am doing it perfectly. (Gets my blood boiling)

Hate: Getting in a heated debat about how to do my job as a RDM properly when I am doing it Perfectly. (My pissed off meter breaks)

Love: Being able to read this blog and hear everyones opinions and being able to have my own w/o someone trying to knock my teeth out.

Hate: Being able to read this blog and having some #!%#%!# jack@$$ spamming some stupid money makeing scheme when they could be jamming a #%!$!@$%!^& plunger up their @$$!!!!!

Love: This Blog.

Hate: People who make firsts post and make a point to rub it in everyones face.

Love: Speaking my mind.

Hate: Pointless walls of text.


At 10:52 PM, Blogger Duodenum said...

I'm kind of surprised no one has caught this yet...but Avrial, as a 24 blm, you are not going to see a rdm who has to keep refresh up, because he doesn't have it until 41. After you get the 17 levels required, then tell us what you think of it. There are some amazing RDM's out there. I have had the pleasure of being in pt's with a lot of them. As a whm, it is great to have that extra boost of refresh, when it is possible. I hate it when the melee mages (drk, pld) whine and moan about refresh and haven't used a spell yet, while I am sitting back and casting many spells, not having said a word, because I can read the text and see that he is doing many of his other jobs that rdm's are made to do. I'm just saying, read the text, if the rdm's name hasn't come up at all for casting spells, then you can politely mention that you may need a refresh.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger Ichiroson said...

there are alot Ninja, i refuse to pt with....
other than the fact they cant hold hate for beans, there are several ive partied with who have macros with calls for haste...
one of my good friends is a rdm, and this one whm was bitching to me about him.... i died a little inside...
i just wish every idiot could recieve the benefit of being taught by GM[Dave]...

At 11:10 PM, Blogger xvii_thestar said...

AHAHAHAH OMFG that's the saga of every healer\buffer class in every mmo action\rpg game out there

At 11:44 PM, Blogger Chronofantasy said...

Ha Ha very nice blog update there :) My RDM is 75 so I know what it's like too.

If all you did was refresh everyone one after another then you'd be a crappy rdm for not doing anything else.

Normally I'd try to refresh everyone after a new fight or two in a cycle though if I can, even if their refresh hasn't wore down, so I never really got begged for it much.

I could still do other stuff too. It gets even worse though when you get haste, and having to haste DD melees/ninjas, and refreshing the mages on top of everything else.

Gogo TP Burn cannon ptys as main healer and haste whore...

At 12:17 AM, Blogger vandemonde said...


I've been playing FFXI since the 2004, I registered here just so I could comment on your WONDERFUL blog, I've been reading it for a while now.

I am a 59 SMN and I always ask the RDM's in my parties to please NOT refresh me as I have no real need of it. (but if they want to I won't complain)

I have autorefresh and I ALWAYS carry ginger/wizard cookies and I rest when I need it. (about 50% MP and also I have a dark staff and seer's tunic in a macro with above mentioned cookies)

And besides the only time I get any parties as SMN is when they have the "SMN is a Curetank" philosiphy. (read: I'm sick of solo and need a painful reminder of why I'm out there avoiding the unwashed masses)

My RDM was level 27 when I stopped leveling it and maybe someday I'll resume. (May Jormy eat me first)

That being said, RDM's are worth their weight in gil and I feel that they've enough headaches dealing with the whining of others.

Thanks for putting up with my "pointless wall of text"

please keep up the GREAT work as far as I'm concerned it'll NEVER get old

=^.^= Vandemonde =^.^=

At 2:17 AM, Blogger Ristle said...

THANK YOU! Finally, some damn recognition >.<

And my order was:

Then Drk and Smn had to bitch fight for it X_x

Seriously, I heard "Refresh plz" so many times I wanted to kill my own party. Many Times. Not that I'd ever target the wrong mob accidentally, or warp or anything >_> <_<

At 4:07 AM, Blogger luther349 said...

this applys to abought every job in the game. everyone thinks they knoe it better then you do even if they dont have the job themselfs. one of the many reasions i ditched that game. solo play for me now lol unless im partyed with a frend and well ff11 doesent offer any decent solo play unless your a bst so i moved to better games.

At 5:11 AM, Blogger moofaloof said...

obviously youve never played as a DRG. thats one of THE best solo playable jobs you can have. consider your wyvern ur own personal PLer

At 5:29 AM, Blogger Bellemithra said...

Wow I can't believe he called Susan a bitch!!! Good thing feeding him to Jormy!!!!!!

At 6:44 AM, Blogger Zlo said...

oh damn he called susan a bitch

He'd better watch his mail for some fire bombs and other killing objects.

At 6:53 AM, Blogger Strangeone said...

Welcome to the biggest dead horse of the RDM world. As you can see by the posts from the multitude of supporting RDM's (not to mention the amount of posts), being asked for refresh as soon as you hit 41 is a big problem for a lot of RDMs.

When it happens to an RDM in his early 40's the result is usualy a warped red mage (see that /blm they have? It means if you piss them off they have the means to get back to their home point for free). If you realy piss them off you might even get to see Chainspell->Warp. Usualy immediatly afterwords you'll discover he's also /blist'ed you.

The thing is when an RDM hits level 41 he's got the biggest relative casting load of his career. This is because the refresh load at 41 is the same as a refresh load at 75, but the poor RDM has much less MP at 41 than at 75. Plus he's just learning it. Plus he's got all these other duties he's supposed to take care of. Like sleeping the adds the idiot puller brings to camp. And you wonder why most Red Mages in the 40s get a little irritable when you jiggle their elbows at this stage...

P.S. Tell Suzan it'll get easier as she levels and has more MP to play with.

At 7:00 AM, Blogger Philamon said...


At 7:54 AM, Blogger WHM of Death said...

I'm a WHM lvl 73, When is a party w/ a RDM we split the meeles for haste..and if there is a BLM and they have WHM subbed each one of us grab 1 person to haste. works great.

Just dont piss the RDM off. I have seen some of them get mighty angry. Usually when they are asked to main heal with a BLM as back up. "Heal Me" "Regan Me" "Refresh ME" Blahh Blahh Blahh. we only have so much MP..and Tanks get it first, and there is such a thing as recast time as well. the best was a MNK/WAR screaming he was silenced...and he wasn't getting Silena .... RDM was too busy casting Silena with the NIN/WAR and the THF/NIN..booo hooo. poof... after 15 minutes oh whiny bitching RDM left the why dont you heal them Mr. MNK/WAR

Just a Footnote as a WHM....when fighting Imps...bring a few Echo drops with you...incase we miss wont kill you to use them once in a while, I promise.

At 8:01 AM, Blogger luna_panshiel said...

my RDM is currently at 70, and i have no problems whatsoever ditching any party that gets on my back about refresh, dispel or haste.

after all, i can always get a new party long before you even find a new RDM.

i have WHM over 50 now. and i personally don't care if RDM melees or not, as long as they still get their RDM duties done.

and as for refresh order for me, it goes me > PLD > WHM > BLM(unless they are spammer types, then they go after the DRK)> BLU(see: BLM comment) BRD(if they are needing to help heal) > DRK

i start with casting refresh on myself for a reason. when i'm busy with my other RDM duties and my refresh wears, i know it's time to recast it on everybody

and people, refresh HAS a recast. i can't just instantly cast it on you the exact second you order me to

if you pester me for haste forget it, i'll haste the WHM instead. same goes for refresh, i'll refresh the NIN if the BLM/DRK starts whining. pester me again and i'll just leave, no exp for you.

i'm currently leveling WHM because it's MUCH less stressful than what people put RDMs through

At 8:36 AM, Blogger BrynneEmrys said...

For every red mage who says "I have a casting cycle" I just want to hit them. I do too, I've been 75rdm long enough to have it down pat...and then things get busy or your puller brings home an extra friend and you just don't have time to worry about keeping the war with a relic great axe refreshed. Not to mention Dynamis when you're sleeping 20+ mobs and you suddenly hear "I don't have refresh" from a blm that has 700 mp out of his thousand. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this one. Red Mages have enough headaches without listening to "Refresh plz" by someone who can't spell and probably has the brain of a two year old.

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Zarquon said...

Looks like you've struck a chord with the FFXI community, Dave. All the Red Mages are, as they say, coming out of the woodwork. And it looks like they have a giant bucket of Praise for you.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Turkeysurgeon said...

BrynneEmrys said...
keeping the war with a relic great axe refreshed.
Did I miss something here? Just wondering...

Also I have the utmost respect for every SMN I have ever partied with because everyone of them always have said don't worry about refreshing me.

Shutat, this guy is tha man!

Dyamalos said...
Monster readies "Anal rape".
Dark Knight>> Out of MP = no stun/absorb-TP
Ninja was just forked up the ass and is now ling face down in what can only be feces and blood.

(Insert sounds of party members dying)

I have never seen a dark knight play this important of a roll in a pt. BLM gets stun, SAM has stun WSs and most always the TP to use them same goes for MNK and any RDM at LV75 with a drk sub. So....dark knights might do some damage but can be replaced easily by someone who doesn't "need" refresh. Maybe they are useful at 75 when they can Light SC with a SAM, o wait, SAM can Light SC with other jobs besides DRK too.

P.S. I don't need dark knights ever and I completly hate the fact that I will have to LVL it to 37 later to get into a good dynamis LS, but I will -_- Why couldn't they give stun to another job at LV37. >_<

At 1:20 PM, Blogger VinnieThe(retired)Foot said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1:33 PM, Blogger VinnieThe(retired)Foot said...

Oh my man Dave,
I have read your blogs since Day 1, and this is the 1st time you have compelled me to respond.
I have even continued to read this Blog after moving from FFXI to WoW about 2 months ago.
It's o.k.
I'll wait for you to stop laughing and catch your breath.
I played FFXI since May 04. Why toss 2+ years away? RDM. My 1st job was RDM, I leved it to 60 at which point I actually began to have Nightmares about Refresh-Refresh- REFRESH!!!! ARGH!!!! So after having a psuedo MMORPG meltdown, I decided to level other jobs. For over a year I didn't touch RDM again. Then through the corse of LS pressure (and possible head trauma) I picked it up again. Things went fine, for awhile, then at 68 with less then 2k to 69 it happened. What "it" is you may wonder? Well, since your begging, I will tell you ~.o
I was in a party with a BLM as leader, it was gettin late and Vinnie was a little bit sleepy/drunk w/e you wish to call it. Apparantly the BLM's gear changes were coinsciding with my Refresh timing perfectly, and (unoticed by my drun.....sleepy ass)I missed him like 3 times in-a-row. He paused the action, then proceeded to go off on me. "About the only thing a RDM is good for is Refreshing, and you can't even get that right!" said the midget BLM. Then he kicked me from the party (which last laugh was on him, NIN and WHM were friends and both promptly quit the party too). I sat there stunned for like 35-45 mins. I then logged out, cancelled my account and haven't looked back since. Now I didn't immediatly jump into the train wreck that is WoW, but I had all this free time on my hands, and I'm not goin back to FFXI. And if anyone cares (which on this Blog I doubt) my WoW character is 35 and I have solo'd every second of it. If I have my way, WoW's Vinnythefoot will never be forced to deal with the idiocy of other players.

At 1:47 PM, Blogger PulseX3D said...

Yes, they did add dungeons and extended the map little.

Some places are added to be the enterances to dungeons.

Also, they have added fishing islands.

Dungeon 1 (Forsaken Fort [Not really if it's a real name, the text on the map is off.])
-It's at a worn-out house with pillars and Doggebi statues.

Dungeon 2 (Royal Tomb of Guh-Bal-Han)
-It's north-west of Pub of the Giant Bird.

Dungeon 3 (Doggebi Tower)
-Exit at the back-gate of Temporary Fort and walk right while staying at the north. You'll eventually see a heavily-decorated enterance.

It's the home to Doggebi Lord, the 1st boss.

Dungeon 4 (Cave of the Giant Bird)
-North of Highland of Sky. This dungeon has 6 floors, top floor is very cramped and is home to Demon Queen (2nd boss)

That's pretty much it.

At 3:24 PM, Blogger tarinakarelia said...

Good post, as always, dave. about 3/4 o fmy linkshell is comprised of Red Mage Main jobs lvl 60+ and you have NO idea how many times a day i hear this rant. lol. and for every rdm out there who's had it rough... im sorry you haven't had a good whm backing you up. any whitemage should be able to keep up haste on ALL melee in the group as well as some debuffs, although they dont stick as often. Hopefully life gets easier. stick to your guns, and remember... if they dont say thankyou, they dont deserve it!!

At 6:44 PM, Blogger Kittos said...




hahaha XD you are my hero

At 9:39 PM, Blogger Denya said...

Wait till you have haste.. and you're the main heal/dispel/refresh/haste and the pld and blm get upset because refresh was down for 3 whole seconds.

Its gotten a little easier now since the lower collibri (sp) dont need dispeling :P

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Denya said...

Oh btw, i forgot to mention. Its not hard to keep it all up as long as you're not the main healer, if you are gonna have a rdm be you're main healer, at least have 2 rdm or a bard or cor to help out -.-

Yesterday i was in a group with 2 smns 1 blm and a pld. Refresh and haste was easy to do... And i even melee'd XD

Today i was in a party with a slightly retarded whm who asked me if Regen 2 actually worked and who would let the "tank" (war/nin) drop to red and then cast a cure 4. And twice she cast divine seal Curaga 3... mid fight -.-

So i sat back and was the back up healer. But those Puks sure do like to interrupt ur refresh casting x.x

At 10:29 PM, Blogger Couldbeme said...

Im main RDM and I also have 3 other jobs which require mana to play. Aometimes Ill get into a pt on and some idiot says theres no refresh looking guess we'll wait. Why? You dont NEED refresh. It certainly helps but its not the end all for pts. Ok you cant find a tank ... problem.. You cant find refresh? So buy/make juice or heres a novel idea ... REST when you can. Refresh is a great thing to have for many jobs but face it you dont need it to make a decent party.

At 4:32 AM, Blogger moofaloof said...

oh my fuck there is nothing i hate more than the "well wait" guy. he is a retard. even if u have 3 members there is always SOMETHING you can kill. ill recommend a few lite mobs to get a little exp flow at least and i always get "NO we dont have a healer and we dont have 6 people!!" to which i respond "..but dont you like exp?" to which my answer is "STFU we r not fighting till we have 6" thats when i disband and solo till he gets his precious 6 but end up leveling and moving to a new party anyway. RETARDS

At 6:19 AM, Blogger Inia said...

if there is a BLM and they have WHM subbed each one of us grab 1 person to haste.

Wow, the BLM/WHM helps with the Haste cycle? I find this interesting since Haste is a level 40 spell for WHM.

You must teach us the trick of having L80 BLMs in your parties. Especially ones that are willing to sub WHM with a WHM and RDM in the party when they could go /RDM and have Convert.

At 7:54 AM, Blogger Fircefairy said...

My Redmage is only level 9,and I have partied with some really great RDM's.
My main jobs are THF and MNK both at level 75..I have partied with Lunapanashiel and she is a great RDM.
This job is often taken for granted and abused.A lot of jobs are.
As THF I am pretty much hate control,damage,and skillchain.
As MNK I am DoT,and again skillchain.
I was partying with a good RDM friend once and got a bit mischevious.
I watched him casting furiously and called out *refresh please*
Before he could stop himself I was a THF...and got *Damn you Fierce!* He teased me the rest of the night....
But I got the last laugh..he had BLM subbed and accidentally escaped us was hillarious.

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Jazzy said...

^^;;;; I wonder if my Thf Pal (Shushaa) Is reading this. Because.. I refresh him all the time! It usually happens when we change party members and my little list of people gets Reorganized. Ya know how that works.... for the last 2 hours the whm was F3, now the Whm is F5 and the thf is F3. well... the Thf will get refreshed a couple times till I get into the groove of things again. haha.

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Kerensky said...

"Imagine you're a Red Mage. During every battle it is your job enfeeble the enemy, dispel any buffs the enemy may have, watch for your enfeebles to wear off, usually main heal or back up heal, and cast refresh on anyone or anything that has mana."

Kerensky lv 75 rdm btw you forgot haste.. :D.

and it's refresh haste refresh haste refesh haste enfeble debuff /magic burst if no black mage /heal /heal the whm /heal and repeat

new z0ne = "new fun" rdm is favorit main healer in a 3nin brd rdm smn party it ='s all un fun

ps: half the jobs can't rest because you lose TP.

red mage needs refreshga bard has it corsair has it rdm doesn't and has the single highest enhanceing magic in the game that I know of..

pps: as rdm it is sad that I have a macro to switch to full mp gain to heal with.. dark staff +10 body armor +5 belt +1 pants.. exc

me> you waist my mp!
nin> cast haste!
me> I did
nin2> silence
me> already did
brd> haste me!
me> are you on somthing?
nin3> I am dead and it's your fault
me> you pull a triple link and it's my fault you die?
nin2> yes you main healer it's all your fault
me>"should have subed blm.. resist blood warp resist blood warp"
smn> I'm going to pull another mamoolja philosipher
smn> pull ######macro#####
nin> ok I'm pulling the dragon
nin2> I got the scout
me> mp 109/???
nin3> I'll pull another while we are waiting..
nin3> pulls mamoolja philosipher
nin is defeated by
nin2 is defeeted by
smn is defeeted by
kernsky is defeeted by
me> this is just great
nin3 is defeated by
nin3> I am never going to party with again, you are a bad red mage!
me> **error you are not in party**
me> /l party kicked me for their own mistake?

:I hate staging point battles:
*brink more rum*

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Avrial said...

duodenum said...

I'm kind of surprised no one has caught this yet...but Avrial, as a 24 blm, you are not going to see a rdm who has to keep refresh up, because he doesn't have it until 41. After you get the 17 levels required, then tell us what you think of it. There are some amazing RDM's out there. I have had the pleasure of being in pt's with a lot of them. As a whm, it is great to have that extra boost of refresh, when it is possible. I hate it when the melee mages (drk, pld) whine and moan about refresh and haven't used a spell yet, while I am sitting back and casting many spells, not having said a word, because I can read the text and see that he is doing many of his other jobs that rdm's are made to do. I'm just saying, read the text, if the rdm's name hasn't come up at all for casting spells, then you can politely mention that you may need a refresh.

Hence, 24 BLM has YET to see it. The way you wrote this, it makes it look like you're assuming I

a) didn't read the Blog entry, or

b) don't know how to read (read: functionally retarded).

which are both wrong.

Also... this sentence makes no sense whatsoever:

"After you get the 17 levels required, then tell us what you think of it ["then" belongs here, at the end of the sentence]."

After you get the knowledge necessary to grasp the English language, pull your head on out your duodenum tell me what to do then. >:P

At 11:44 PM, Blogger luna_panshiel said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11:48 PM, Blogger luna_panshiel said...

aviral said

"After you get the knowledge necessary to grasp the English language, pull your head on out your duodenum tell me what to do then. >:P"

if you're going to berate someone for their language, how about you look up the meaning of the words you use to "act" intellegent beforehand.

my ¢ x2

At 4:45 AM, Blogger VinnieThe(retired)Foot said...

Why, in the name of all that is pure, do these damn things always turn into flame fests? Is there something about debate that causes some people to start lashing out at their fellow gamers? I don't get it: never have, never will.

At 10:28 AM, Blogger Denya said...

luna_panshiel said...


if you're going to berate someone for their language, how about you look up the meaning of the words you use to "act" intellegent beforehand."

Um.. Its the name of the guy he was replying to. So I'm just gonna assume that he used it in his sentence to be funny. Not really trying to "act" intellegent.

But whatever, just throw yourself into somebody elses flame.

I like potato :D

At 11:38 AM, Blogger Heifong said...

This is one of the reasons I quit RDM.

At 2:42 PM, Blogger luna_panshiel said...

denya he used that word for 2 different things, not just a name

At 4:37 PM, Blogger Gapian said...

greatest post so far RESPECT MEH<3 lol

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Vatar said...

I have one thing to say to ppl in general... if you yourself don't have the job to lvl 60+, the stfu and let the person do their job. RDM, WHM, BLM, SAM, BLU, if they got their job higher than yours, then they know more about the job than your hand knows your pants. Thank You for your aspiring words [GM]Dave ^.^

As far as the bots, too bad you can't ban their IP >.<

At 5:36 AM, Blogger Duodenum said...

Avrial: "As a lvl 24 BLM, I have yet to see a RDM that has had to constantly Refresh"

All that I was trying to say is that you make it sound like you have seen RDM's refresh, but not constantly. And if you are going to have the audacity to correct my English when you can't even understand half of the people in here, more power to you, there fella.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger MooseHP said...

Thanks man, thanks.

RDM58 Bismark

At 5:17 PM, Blogger Sturm said...

Hey [GM] Dave
This post is 100% true. I'm a 75 RDM but the second i got 41 every tom dick and harry seemed to know all about the refresh list when they arent even past lvl 1 rdm.

People honestly need to respect the RDM because it isnt an easy job by any means.

75RDM 75WAR ~ Phoenix

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Julia said...

This post should be distributed to every single player of FFXI in the game, of all levels.

I'm incredibly sick of "{Refresh} {please}" macros.

Quite possibly my favourite post by you yet.

At 7:27 AM, Blogger Dale said...

you know why so many people ask for refresh? because so many people suck at doing and thats the truth.. I was in a pt last week.. guy invites me and says hey, War/Nin, you lead tank ok.. Which I don't mind at all actually I preferr it being that God gear has a tendency to draw hate anyway.. So after about the 50th time for me asking for haste the guys asks me... Why do you keep asking for haste... need I say more? thats the kind of dumb ass mentality you get in this game.. Hey ur a nin tank.. nah you don't need haste, I'd rather be lazy and suk ur xp with as little work as possible. Oh ur a mage, refresh? whats that? You see it in every pt everyday.. out of every 10 mages I pt with 7 of them suk at it.. they will not silena, they leave their chat filters off on so they cant even see when the buffs drop and then they get pissed when you say "refresh please".. and yes of course haste too.. like I said 7/10.. and we all know it's true.. Mage is a hard job.. if your not a smart person don't play it.. or get use to being yelled at.. But to the good mages, I tip my hat.. a good mage can completely turn the tide of a pt, although a bad one can completely destroy it...

ps.. if you don't know how bad you are, pt with some JP players.. they'll show you real I had silena last night before the effect even fully landed on me half the time and haste, never asked for it once..these guys are casting silena just as they see the mob is silencing aoe etc.. and not just the whm.. the rdm too, and they divide the pt and stik to who they choose to debuff. But seriously thank you all you good mages.. I'd of gone crazy without some of you in between my bouts with these 12 year old "super mages"

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Send said...

man this blog rocks.. RDM rules give us a break^^ Turkeysurgeon are you from the Remora server?

At 3:33 AM, Blogger Imaginary of Hades said...

Kind of a late comment on this one. Just started reading, and I really enjoy the posts.
My Taru's main job is RDM. This particular post makes me wish I was a [GM].
People like that somehow end up not recieving cures from me.
It's rather strange.
I mean funny.
Very, very funny.


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