Monday, May 12, 2008

Sent Finally

Okay, the fan packs have been sent. You should have received part 1 last night and part 2 tonight.

Anyone who donated today or over the next few days will be sent both packs.

Note to self: start putting these things together earlier.


At 12:23 AM, Blogger Dorian Mode said...

On behalf of all your true fans, let me just say: We'll wait, if necessary, until you get it together.

Quality takes time, right?

At 6:05 AM, Blogger Zombie said...

First post!

At 8:23 AM, Blogger Chris said...

First Male NA whose name is Chris to post in GM Dave's Latest Entry!

ROCK! I gotta tell all the guys on the forums! THey're gonna be so jealous!

At 3:42 AM, Blogger Locke said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 3:43 AM, Blogger Locke said...

[GM]Dave I think by posting the whole First NA EVAH! blog you're now going to have some person posting something along those lines in atleast half of your posts forever. God people know how to ruin the things which the perfect [GM]Dave creates.

Damn Damn typos... note to self: check for typos next time -_-

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Zombie said...

If by "create" you mean "repackage Bastard Op From Hell", then you would be correct.

Nobody likes a sycophant, Locke.


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