Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best. Name. EVAH.


Sometimes, through the course of human existence, there is a confluence of events so perfect, so spectacular, so incredible that they create a moment of absolute awesomeness.

It was a day like any other.

Actually, it was a Saturday, so it was a day like 1 / 7 th of all the other days.

Anyway, one of the other GMs brought his nephew into the office. I have no idea why he brought his nephew into the office, but I turned around and there was a kid there.

Since my supervisor denied my suggestion that we employ child laborers, I assumed he must belong to one of the other guys.

[GM]Dave>> Umm...
[GM]Dave>> Did anyone lose a person over here?
OtherGM>> Oh, hey.
OtherGM>> He's mine.
OtherGM>> Well, technically, he's my brother's, but he's with me.
[GM]Dave>> Fascinating.
[GM]Dave>> Let me add that to my Wikipedia page.
[GM]Dave>> You know, the one about all the stuff I don't give a shit about.
OtherGM>> ... Sorry.
[GM]Dave>> This'll only take a second.
OtherGM>> You're actually putting this on Wikipedia?
[GM]Dave>> Isn't that what I said?
[GM]Dave>> This used to be a page about Paraguay.
[GM]Dave>> No one has noticed yet.
OtherGM>> Wow. That's interesting.
OtherGM>> Can... Can we go now?
[GM]Dave>> Just a second. I need his name.
OtherGM>> He's named after my brother, Jack.
[GM]Dave>> Okay... Jack.
[GM]Dave>> Last name?
OtherGM>> Daniels.


[GM]Dave>> I'm sorry. It sounded like you said Daniels.
OtherGM>> I did. It's his last name.
OtherGM>> Same as mine.
[GM]Dave>> So his name...
[GM]Dave>> His LEGAL name...
[GM]Dave>> ... Is Jack Daniels?
OtherGM>> Yeah.
OtherGM>> My brother says he didn't even realize when...
[GM]Dave>> OH MY GOD!
OtherGM>> Could you quiet down?
OtherGM>> I think you're kind of scaring him.

I think my yelling did scare him.

I KNOW he was scared when I held him above my head like the freaking Lion King.

Admittedly, I did not realize how close his head got to that fan.

Oh, he was fine. Couple Dora bandaids and he'll be fine. Slap a couple of bandaids, give him a popsicle, and he won't remember a thing.

He can dress up as Harry Potter for Halloween.


In completely unrelated news, we're not allowed to bring kids into the office anymore.

You almost decapitate one kid...


At 8:51 PM, Blogger Sean said...

Heh, that's great.

At 9:53 PM, Blogger Sword said...

I've seen my share of people with interesting names. I kid you not I had two guys in boot camp with last names "Peachy" and "Keen". One of the things we had to do with our shower shoes was stencil our names on them and set them up where we could see your name in the locker. So our of our drill instructors sense of humor he made them share the same bunk so you'd always read Peachy Keen. XD

That and I knew a girl whos last name was a vulgar name for the female anatomy that started with Cl ended with T and throw a Z on the end. I feel bad for her, but I feel worse for the men of her family who has that last name.

At 1:31 AM, Blogger Bufuman said...

No witty comment from me this time. I can only laugh. Ha ha ha!

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Awesome, would have been more awesome if you had that wiki page.

At 1:43 PM, Blogger AJ said...

I love how the last line of this blog ends in elipses, and then the title of the blog before it starts in elipses, so I automatically read it as "You almost decapitate one a box." Sounds like a drinking game gone horribly array to me...


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