Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Work In Progress...

Alright, folks. You know the drill.

Theme week is over, so I'm spending the night working on the fan pack.

In between pop windows.

What? Where do you think I get time to camp NMs and shit?

Anyway, the first part should be ready tomorrow. All of you who donated should wait anxiously at your inbox.

Starting... NOW!


At 10:38 PM, Blogger Skill said...


At 2:54 PM, Blogger Mil'bereth said...

If you need something to pass the time, might I suggest this.


a web produced show about people who play MMOs

They also have a music video titled
"Do You Want To Date My Avatar"

I nearly died laughing, hope you will too.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Seraphe said...

Yay fan pack time! ^~^

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Kerestel said...

after reading this last fan week it reminded me of something a read once. a vgcats comic.... yes thats right. this should be right up your alley dave. please read it. enjoy. hell post a blog about it if you wish. http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=282

At 4:36 AM, Blogger Beniki said...


I'm ashamed to say I laughed at the fact that it happens in the real world as well as in FF11, before I felt bad for the person involved...


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